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Arborist sunglasses 

Hard-wearing polarised sunglasses. The flexible frames bend instead of break, whilst the wraparound lens reduces glare and offers additional protection.

Fully adjustable for practicality and comfort, the Raptors let you keep your eyes on the prize. 

Includes a microfibre pouch and additional swappable, hooked ear pieces. 

Yellow lens with lime green-and-black speckled frame. Producing a blue lens view (See photo)



Polarized lenses with UV400,Cat. 3

- Super flexible plastic frames bend instead of break 

- Wraparound lens increases eye protection  

- Lightweight - only 82g  

- Adjustable and swap-able ear-pieces

- Adjustable lens angle 

- Removable lens for easier transport 


How to adjust 

Ear pieces

On the inside of each arm you'll see a slider with a round button at the end. Using something with a fine point (key, pen, etc.) push down on this button whilst simultaneously pulling the ear piece away from the lens. It will come away from the frame with a pop. You can then slide it back it, stopping at any of the four adjustment points. 

You can also swap the ear pieces for the included soft rubber hooked ear pieces - their adjustment and installation is exactly the same. 

Lens angle 

Hold the Raptors side on. With the lens in one hand, grip the frame with your other hand and gently angle it up or down. It can click into position in any one of the six adjustment teeth. 

Removing the lens from the frame

Hold the nose piece of the Raptors in one hand, and the thick centre part of the frames in the other. Gently pull your hands apart, and the lens will separate from the frame. Repeat this process in both corners. 

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