About Us

What do we do?

Bear Valley provides high-quality arborist and forestry clothing - designed by arborists, for arborists.
We’ve teamed up with companies such as SIP PROTECTION to bring the industry a chainsaw trouser world-first in design and technology - the CHIMERA! And with DMM we brought out own colour ways carabiners with the ARBVENGERS!


Bear Begins.

It all started in 2015. Working as an arborist, every day I would turn up to work in whatever old clothing I had laying about. It did not look professional, but it did the trick. But soon I got tired... tired of my cotton tees becoming drenched in sweat or rain and not drying... tired of the constant untucking of my shirt from my chainsaw trousers when reaching out...


Nothing was readily available. Nothing fit the bill. So I made my own.
I created and designed a t-shirt I wanted to wear: practical, ergonomic, and good-looking.
And so the ExoRanger arborist tee was born!
Armed with a new-born baby and a box of one hundred of the original ExoRangers, I toured the 2016 Arb Show and annoyed anyone that would listen to me! The business hasn’t stopped since, putting practicality, quality, and style at the forefront of everything we do.