About Us

Welcome to Bear Valley, where passion for arboriculture meets practicality, style, and innovation. Started by one unassuming arborist called Sam! Explore the roots of our brand through the lens of "Our Story." 

Our Mission: Elevating Arborist Experience

At Bear Valley, we take pride in providing high-quality arborist and forestry clothing that transcends the ordinary. Our mission is simple yet profound‚ÄĒto redefine the arborist experience by offering clothing that marries functionality, comfort, and style, empowering arborists to tackle the great outdoors with confidence.

Our Journey: Bear Begins

In 2015, as an arborist , I faced the daily struggle of finding suitable clothing that aligned with the demands of the job. Tired of compromising between comfort and professionalism, I took matters into my own hands and embarked on a journey to revolutionize arborist apparel.

Bear Valley officially began with the inception of the ExoRanger arborist tee in 2016. Armed with a vision, a new born baby and a box of one hundred tees, I made my mark at the Arb Show, sharing my passion with anyone willing to listen. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of a venture fuelled by a commitment to practicality, quality, and style.

Crafting Excellence

Nothing readily available met the bill, so I crafted a t-shirt that I would proudly wear‚ÄĒpractical, ergonomic, and stylish. Thus, the ExoRanger arborist tee was born, setting the stage for Bear Valley's commitment to excellence.

Fast forward to today, and Bear Valley stands as a testament to innovation in arborist clothing. Our collaborations with industry leaders like SIP PROTECTION birthed the revolutionary CHIMERA chainsaw trouser, and with DMM, we introduced the ARBVENGERS carabiners in unique Bear Valley colourways



Our Commitment: Practicality, Quality, Style

Bear Valley is more than just a brand; it's a commitment to the arborist community. Practicality, quality, and style are not just buzzwords for us‚ÄĒthey are the foundation upon which we've built our brand. Every product we offer is a testament to our dedication to providing arborists with the best tools for the job.

Meet the Team: A Collective Passion for Arboriculture

Behind Bear Valley is a two man team of passionate people striving to produce the best for arboriculture. First is the founder, Sam. Sam brings the original ideas and the chat.
Secondly, its Ciaran. He brings the maths and graphs. Both providing the unique set of skills and a shared commitment to our mission. Get to know the faces behind Bear Valley, you can find out more about us by heading to IG/Facebook for daily posts, stories and reels mostly relating to our daily working lives!

Our Process: Crafting Excellence, Every Step of the Way

Ever wondered how the CHIMERA became a reality or how our ExoRanger tees are meticulously crafted? Dive into our process, where innovation and attention to detail converge to create products that arborists trust.

Explore Bear Valley, where our roots run deep, and our commitment to arborists is unwavering. Join us in redefining the arborist experience‚ÄĒone garment at a time.