Softshell Jacket
Softshell Jacket
Softshell Jacket
Softshell Jacket
Softshell Jacket
Softshell Jacket
Softshell Jacket

Printing included in price - purchase & we will contact you for your bespoke printing. 

100% Polyester Softshell Jacket. 

Perfect for a budget. 

Perfect company branded print, every time.

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A softshell jacket that delivers exceptional quality and longevity for your bespoke printing needs? Look no further. Handpicked for its user pocket friendly price, quality, and durability over time, this t-shirt is the perfect choice for those who demand the very best. 

What sets this t-shirt apart is the unique fabric that works seamlessly with our DTF printing technology, providing customers with an unparalleled print quality that lasts the lifespan of the garment. 

Say goodbye to the old vinyl print issues of the past – our t-shirt ensures your designs stay vibrant and intact. With our bespoke printing service and this specially designed t-shirt, you can enjoy the ultimate in quality and satisfaction

Invest in a product that delivers exceptional results and stands the test of time.

Tell me more about your print? Bear Valley's cutting-edge DTF printing technology. DTF, or "Direct to Film," is a relatively new method that uses a wet ink and glue-based solution to interlock its DNA into the fibers of the garment. 

What sets DTF apart is its ability to produce truly incredible levels of detail and quality, providing customers with a print that looks like it's a part of the garment itself. 

Unlike traditional "vinyl" methods, DTF removes all barriers to print, delivering vibrant, seamless designs with no white backgrounds. With our DTF printing technology, your company's logo will look the very best it can be, with every detail captured in stunning clarity. 

Invest in a printing method that delivers outstanding results. Shop now and experience the difference for yourself!

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