Bear Valley Hydration Formula

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Summer is Coming. 

Hydration is King. 


Bear Valley's Hydration Formula - Tropical flavour!

Bear Valley is excited to be able to bring the industry a dedicated piece of hardware for your body in the sun and physical exertion undertaken during arb and forestry work.

Hydration is the key to staying alert and high concentration. This formula keeps you on point and will minimise the risk of accident through lack of concentration due to dehydration. The formula will also provide you with an energy and focus boost in a healthy way like never before. Keep your team safe is the ultimate goal and with this formula you help leave nothing to chance.


The Hydration Formula contains 40 servings. This means it is about £0.87 per serving.


Mix 1 scoop (10 gram) with 300-330ml water and shake up your beverage. For best mixing results first add the water to your shaker....

You'll find a cocktail list inside your package too.... 


We have developed a health-conscious product that gives your neurotransmitters the best boost possible. This Hydration Formula has 22 active ingredients in specific dosages. Next to the energy boosting ingredients, it is also packed with vitamins and enhanced with nootropics. It provides you with your daily dose of the most essential vitamins and minerals. In contrast to other popular formulas or energy drinks BV's hydration formula is designed with your health in mind.

Laserfocus & Cognition
The carefully selected ingredients ensure laser focus and improved cognition when the game gets intense. Cognition is linked to how fast you work with new information. Avoid distractions, make the right cut, send it.

Stable energy
The hydration formula is mainly a combination of caffeine, plant extracts, amino acids and vitamins. The energy is released over time and doesn't come from sources like sugar. This means sustainable, stable energy without uncomfortable jitters and crashes. 

Instant refreshment
Your hydration formula will start working almost immediately and sharpen your reflexes.

Think long-term
The adaptogenic herbs in this product boost memory, processing speed and your metabolism. These effects can further increase over time when the adaptogenic herbs are consumed on a regular basis for a certain period of time. 


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