DMM Ultra O Carabiner - SpiderMonkey

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DMM Ultra O!

The new age of Arb Hero’s is now. The long and dreary, evil reign of the “select” few colours in the Arb World is being vanquished by bright colours of the Amazing Arbvengers…

Introducing: SPIDER-MONKEY 

Produced and manufactured by DMM. Designed by Bear Valley. These Ultra O Carabiners are an essential part of any equipment arsenal in the climbing profession or recreation.

Please review the DMM website for tech spec of the Ultra O Carabiners.

 The Backstory: The Amazing Spider-Monkey

In the jungles of the New Forest, Hampshire, a monkey escaped from a local primate rescue. Whilst on the run, Mojo the monkey accidently fell from a tree branch and in a bittersweet turn of events landed in a rather large spiders web. This particular spider had recently been seen around the local town of Salisbury hanging around with a shifty group of Russians. But he wasn’t seen around the area again after.  

Whilst Mojo was a little bit big for a normal spiders usual meal, this spider appeared to be genetically mutated and had a nasty bite.

Kicking and clawing for his life Mojo was bitten on the foot. In great pain he finally managed to free himself and run to safety in a nearby tree.

Days later Mojo woke to a strange feeling. Cobwebs everywhere and a new groove in his step. With a heightened sence of life and extreme intelligence he began helping out the locals returning their kittens, crashed drones and “stray” cambium savers from the tops of the trees! He was now known to the locals as the Amazing Spider-Monkey!

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