DMM Ultra O Carabiner - Incredible Giganteum

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DMM Ultra O!

The new age of Arb Hero’s is now. The long and dreary, evil reign of the “select” few colours in the Arb World is being vanquished by bright colours of the Amazing Arbvengers…


Produced and manufactured by DMM. Designed by Bear Valley. These Ultra O Carabiners are an essential part of any equipment arsenal in the climbing profession or recreation.

Please review the DMM website for tech spec of the Ultra O Carabiners.


The Backstory: The Incredible Giganteum

Whilst grafting as groundie for a local tree firm in Salisbury, England, the lead climber dropped some brash from the Sequoia Dendron they were working on and bits of it landed in the near-by bin. As he put his hands in the bin to remove the brash his hand was scratched by a small vial, on it, a skull, crossbones and what looked like a sickle… but we couldnt be sure...
After that days work, feeling very ill he went to his local doctors. With radiation levels higher than Chernobyl they sent the groundie to a top-secret facility and proceeded to undertake experiments. 
Months later the radiation had caused the groundie to mutate into a Giganteum of tree cutting rage every time he got on the saws. Cutting everything in sight, any direction or at people. Even if the tree wasn’t marked. Though his rage and cutting could not be controlled his name “The Incredible Giganteum” was down to the fact that every tree he cut had a perfect hinge… The internet could not rate the hinge high enough. Thus the legend was born.

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