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Pricing Information Overview

Quantity Price Per Application

1 -5  - £8.25

6-9 - £5.25

10-34 - £3.75

35-99 - £3.25

100-249 - £2.75

250+ - £2.40

What is an application?

An application consists of a logo, company name and one line of information.  Some colour restrictions may apply - We will advise you if this applies to your print.

For example: Front + Rear Branding on your garment = 2 Applications 

Keeping the pricing simple and fair is our Number One aim but there could be situations where logos cost more due to the nature of their complexity or quantity.

Printing is complex and there are many variables to account for when we undertake work to print your company work wear!

The make-up of the cost for any order comes from two main factors: materials and the application process of the customer branding.

We do not charge set-up fees for printed vinyl or text print.


Alongside Bear Valley's own products, we also supply a vast range of industry-focused work wear. 

The more products you order, the cheaper the cost of the product and the print.

Printing products consist of printed and normal vinyl. Embroidery is available on special request.

Application Charges


Every time your logo or text is printed and applied, it will count as x 1 application charge. 

The more you purchase, the cheaper the price per application.

Quantity Price Per Application

1 - £8.25

2-9 - £5.25

10-34 - £3.75

35-99 - £3.25

100-249 - £2.75

250+ - £2.40

Standard Locations for print application areas: 

Front left Breast 

Rear Shoulders

Other areas available on request, potentially subject to extra costs.

Application Limits: 

A maximum application consists of a logo, company name and one line of information.  There can only be a maximum of 2 colours per logo unless the logo is printed in full colour. We will advise you.


Setup Charges

There is no set up charge for the customer on any order no matter the amount.

Customer Quote & Artwork approval

Bear Valley will provide the customer with a complete and final total cost for all the products and customised printing. 

When you have your quote, we will send the artwork proposed for the print, to you for your approval. 

When this is completed an invoice will be generated and sent for payment. 

Printing Turnaround

Printing with Bear Valley takes 10 working days for your clothing to be completed and sent. The 10 working days starts from the day after you pay the invoice.

If the job is going to take longer than expected the customer will be informed prior to the deadline.


Optional Order Extras


Bear Valley is able to add in extra information at a cost.

You are able to purchase as many extra lines you wish at a cost of £1.00 per line. This will be dealt with in the quotation stage.

Colour additions are charged at £1.50 per application per colour.

Getting a Price


To get your clothing printed email or call 07935072389


Prices for all customisation will include any extra charges, delivery and VAT.


ADDRESS: Bear Valley Company, Kelvin Grove, Netley Abbey Southampton, SO31 5BL

PHONE: 07935072389


Company No: 09881119

VAT Registration: 262272613

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